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Booth Air Conditioning is a Greater Manchester-based company serving the north of England. 我们的空调租赁设备为各类建筑提供舒适的工作环境,为人员和计算机、电子设备等关键设备提供稳定的环境. Our air conditioning hire team has many years of experience to help you find the correct solution.
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Why select Booth Air Conditioning for your air conditioning hire?

我们的现代空调租赁设备提供高性能的冷却,安静的运行和低运行成本. Systems are easy to use and operate – and require no specialist knowledge. All equipment is fully tested before delivery to ensure it operates perfectly on arrival. Should something unexpected occur, you are covered by 24/7 support services.

We are air conditioning specialists with decades of experience

Booth Air Conditioning is not a general hire company. 我们专门提供舒适的冷却,通过提供固定的空调和冷却设备的应用,便携式和临时安装的单位. We have more than 350 clients who rely upon our expertise every year. Our fleet of quality cooling equipment includes air-to-air monobloc units, both single and twin-pipe, split systems, spot and evaporative coolers, air handling units and process water chillers.

We are air conditioning specialists with decades of experience

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Should you buy or hire air conditioning? Some factors to consider

Booth Air Conditioning Hire Logo

Should you buy or hire air conditioning? Some factors to consider

If your air conditioning and cooling requirements recur each year, you are staying in your current location and installation of a fixed system is financially viable, then permanent air conditioning is often the best option. However, if you are on a short-term lease, in a listed building, cannot get the landlord’s permission to install permanent cooling equipment, or have restrictions on capital expense, then the hire of temporary cooling or air conditioning could be the perfect solution. If you are considering the purchase of a mobile unit, do factor in 1) you will have to store the unit whilst it is not in use; 2) prior to storage it will have to be properly drained and cleaned to avoid possible contamination; 3) air conditioning units require PAT testing.; 4) add the tax advantage of expense versus capital purchase and it’s easy to see why it’s almost always better to hire a cooling solution than to buy an ongoing liability.

Did you know?

Did you know?

在你工作的地方安装一个高质量的空调系统可以让你更近距离地控制温度. If your office buildings are either too warm or too cold, this could have an adverse effect. In fact, 研究表明,当温度上升到27摄氏度(80华氏度)以上时,需要体力劳动的工作场所的生产率会下降4%.
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Simply Doing a Good Job

Engineering excellence and putting the customer first underpins all we do

Safe & Healthy Air

Well-maintained air conditioning systems are mandatory

Reduced Ownership Costs

Short-term requirement? Restricted capital budget? Hire to reduce costs
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What our clients say

NHS & Healthcare: NHS Trust in Lancashire

自2009年成功获得维修合同以来,该基金会一直使用现金365官网服务. 它们就信托基金的空调和制冷设备,包括主要冷却器,提供了服务支助. 我们总是发现他们是专业和知识渊博的所有项目,我们委托他们代表信托和毫不犹豫地推荐现金365官网."
NHS Trust Engineering and Grounds Maintenance Manager

Automotive: Car Dealer in the North West of England and Yorkshire

"When Booth took over our air conditioning, I thought my 'phone had stopped working. It's usually ringing off the hook with continuous issues, I've had no issues since Booth took over."
Facilities Manager

Retail: Veterinarian Hospital in Cheshire

"I deal with contractors and engineers every day and this is a big part of my role, so to have such helpful and approachable engineers is a refreshing change. They are always very polite, friendly, exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. They are clean, tidy and talk through and offer advice... we find this very supportive."
Support Services Manager
Vet air conditioning system

Manufacturer: Glass and Mineral Wool

通风装置“只是一个简短的说明,我们的‘强制空气’安装项目在整个工厂梦幻般的交付. The Booth Air Conditioning team worked absolutely brilliantly. They were professional and safe for the entire duration of the work. Thank you to all involved."
UK Project Manager

NHS Hospital in Lancashire

I can confirm that Booth provides an excellent, cost-effective, professional service in all aspects of design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment installed at a number of our sites. 被动的或计划的维护和新的安装工作由有知识有礼貌的商人进行, with due consideration for the often difficult and sensitive environments they find themselves in, adhering to the Trust’s privacy and dignity standards. All work is carried out at highly competitive rates without compromising quality. I have no hesitation in recommending Booth AC
Estates Manager at the NHS hospital in Lancashire

Jaguar Dealership

“Booth Air Conditioning has been providing an installation and maintenance service to us for several years. We have always found them to be professional in their approach. They provide detailed quotations for work required giving the opportunity to make informed decisions. The staff who come to the site are equally professional, work in a clean and tidy manner with little disruption to our working areas as possible. We are contacted regularly regarding visit dates and they always come to site on the given date and time.”
Spokesperson at the Jaguar Car Dealership
Car dealership air conditioning

University & Research Facility in the North of England

“Booth Air Conditioning已经担任我们的空调和通风供应商超过9年了,从维护和维修到新安装,都满足我们的需求. As a highly specialised operation, we have found Booth’s professionalism, knowledge and flexibility invaluable during our long relationship with them. We would highly recommend them to small and large clients alike as we trust their judgement."
Estate Manager at the University
School air conditioning

NHS in Greater Manchester

“我想把我的反馈给你bt365体育娱乐平台现金365官网和工程师已经出席了我们的现场. Staff operating our sites have commented to myself how professional, polite and helpful the engineers have been whilst carrying out the maintenance and repair work. I am very pleased with the level of service I have received so far, and I would be happy to recommend the services of Booth Air Conditioning.”
Estates Manager NHS Trust Greater Manchester

Commercial Property: Banking Services

"With such a degree of attention to detail, we were guided through every process of what to expect and how things would be delivered. Since instruction, everything has been precisely as promised. From booking call-outs to the way the engineers work around our specific needs, the whole process has been as smooth as it could possibly be. Callouts are dealt with swiftly and efficiently, the whole process is transparent and the degree of Information provided back to us is superb! I have no hesitation in recommending Booth."
Head of Facilities

Education: Sixth Form College in Greater Manchester

"We employ Booth Air Conditioning and have done so for more than 5 years to maintain and, when required, repair and replace our air conditioning equipment, heat recovery and ventilation systems. 我们强烈推荐布斯,因为他们的技能和专业精神,他们在我们复杂的网站上展示了工作,并应对我们的学期安排的需要. They have undoubtedly saved the College time and money during our relationship with them."
Building Manager

Hospitality: International Hotel in Lancashire

“我只是想说,我对酒店最近完成的空调安装项目非常满意和印象深刻. From start to finish the project has been an absolute joy. In over 13 years experience, 我从来没有做过一个项目运行得如此顺利,每个人都参与了项目的每个阶段.从承建商一直以来对企业的需求都是那么的同情和理解,并抱有一种敢做敢做的态度."
Chief Engineer
Hotel air conditioning

Retail: High Street Retailer in Lancashire

“We have been a continuous customer of Booth for over 10 years, commissioning both installation and related service work. 在这段时间里,布斯一直与我们合作良好,为我们提供最佳的解决方案,这些解决方案已经证明了自己每年都有良好的质量表现. The team is experienced and has been with Booth for many years ensuring continuity and relationship. I would have no hesitation recommending Booth as a supplier."

Hospitality: International Hotel in Greater Manchester

"We have worked with Booth Air Conditioning for over three years to maintain and, when required, repair or replace our internal and external air conditioning equipment. 布斯能够提供可靠和灵活的服务,延长了系统的寿命,因此节省了我们的显著额外成本. 我们强烈推荐他们作为一个长期的成本节约解决方案,作为一个完全专业和值得信赖的运营商。”
Property Manager
Mitsubishi air conditioning
f-gas register
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Safe Contractor approved
Daikin business partner
Mitsubishi air conditioning
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Safe Contractor approved
Daikin business partner
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should we regularly service and maintain our air conditioning systems?

    维护不善的系统必须更加努力地工作以提供相同的空气质量和温度,从而导致更高的能源消耗. Planned preventative maintenance will save time, money and repair costs. It will extend the life of your system and components and make them function more effectively. 这些检查确保符合最新的氟气体法规,并强调任何有害的氟气体泄漏


  • We have a manufacturer's warranty so do we also need a service and maintenance contract?

    一个展位空调维修协议将满足要求和义务的所有主要空调制造商保证. 重要的是要知道,制造商的保证是有效的,只有当设备已经按照他们的规格和建议使用和维护

  • All maintenance providers do the same job. It's just about securing the lowest price isn't it?

    现金365官网的目标是确保我们所有的客户都能从他们的空调系统和资产的最低总拥有成本中受益. 我们首先提供您的所有空调和通风资产的高度详细的记录——您会惊讶于这与现有记录的差异是多么频繁. 由此产生的信息有助于表明你们遵守了法规和立法——在各组织在大流行后返回时,这一点更为重要.

    Over time, this information allows clients to reduce the volume of guesswork, track the performance, costs and risks associated with each unit. It reduces surprises and helps to proactively budget months and sometimes years in advance. Can your current maintenance partner provide the precise timing of each activity, traceability of each decision and subsequent action?

    我们可以把你介绍给Booth的客户,他们在补救工作中经历了大幅减少,随后他们的总拥有成本也大幅降低. All this delivered in conjunction with highly competitive maintenance fees

  • We are reasonably happy at the moment. Can you just provide a quote?

    We are reasonably happy at the moment. Can you just provide a quote?

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